Trial Support - Consultation

Our trial support and consultation services are solidified with experience. Whether in trial court, appellate court or in the state and federal courts, we offer a range of services pre-trial, during trial, and post-verdict, including:

  • Pre-suit litigation analysis - Development of strategies for claims, defenses, parties, nike free running shoes forum selections, and settlement.
  • Law-based motions - Handling of law-intensive motions and motions for summary judgment.
  • Discovery and evidentiary issues - Handling hearings and mandamus proceedings over discovery disputes, expert issues and evidentiary matters.
  • Preservation of error - Assisting trial counsel during jury selection, evidentiary presentation, closing arguments and receipt of verdict.
  • Trial court briefing - Drafting trial briefs that address legal issues arising during trial.
  • Jury charge matters - Preparing and arguing the jury charge. The best Nike Free Running Shoes for sale for men.
  • Post-verdict motions - Development of potential appellate arguments.
  • Record preservation - Working with trial counsel to ensure the appellate record is comprehensive.
  • Supersedeas and stays - Supporting trial counsel in superseding judgment and staying execution during appeal.

For more information, contact Greg Smith, Smith Legal, PLLC trial support/consultation attorney in Tyler and throughout East Texas including: Longview, Marshall, Texarkana, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Palestine and Henderson.

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