Probate Litigation - Estate Disputes

Ramey & Flock's probate litigation and estate dispute practice involves contested wills, trusts, guardianships and heirships. 

On will contest cases, Ramey & Flock's attorneys litigate whether a will should be set aside due to undue influence, lack of testamentary capacity, or tortious interference with inheritance. Other frequent probate issues are determining who the correct heirs of the estate are, deciding what property should be included in the estate, assessing what share of the estate each heir should receive, and analyzing whether the real estate inherited by the heirs needs to be partitioned between them. 

Ramey & Flock represents clients in fiduciary litigation involving whether an executor, administrator, trustee or guardian has discharged his or her duties properly.  If improper actions are present, the question then becomes whether that person should be removed from office and be found liable for damages.

On contested trust matters, Ramey & Flock works on litigation to modify the terms of the trust, and determines whether the trustee is administering the trust properly and making proper distributions from the trust. 

In guardianships, the issues are often whether the person in question is truly incapacitated and, if so, who should be appointed as the guardian.

Regardless of the nature of the disputed estate, trust or guardianship matter, Ramey & Flock's attorneys stand ready to vigorously represent the interests of their clients.

Learn more about what's going on in probate law, including major cases, decisions and legislative updates by reading the following articles, which are edited by Ramey & Flock attorney, Steve M. Spitzer.

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