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Kolder and Milam obtain $18.4 Million Jury Verdict in Fiduciary Litigation Case

by | Jan 17, 2023

Ramey & Flock’s Eric Kolder and Chelsea Milam prevailed in a six day jury trial in South Texas in a case concerning breaches of fiduciary duties by an executor and trustee.  Kolder and Milam’s client was the beneficiary of his father’s estate and a beneficiary of a trust holding millions of dollars worth of mineral and surface interests. The executor of the estate and trustee of the trust, who was the client’s stepmother and surviving spouse of the client’s father, transferred property as executor not in compliance with the father’s will and also, as trustee, misrepresented the tax treatment of trust distributions to the client. The jury returned a verdict in the client’s favor on all claims and awarded a total $18.4 million in damages.